Thursday, March 21, 2013


     We had some snow over night. I live about 15 miles south of the school where I teach and we occasionally get lake affect snow. Well, overnight snow gave us more at home than at school. As I was driving to school this morning I was making note of our 'lovely' Spring weather when I noted that it was a little lighter than last week and there was less snow on the roads as I became closer to my destination.
     I love to look for the animals in fields along the way and I saw that the cows in the were all lying down. This I know as a sign of low pressure. But they all looked like they had a white blanket on them. How funny that they don't mind the snow on their backs.
     Now because I love quilts, I thought about the different types of blankets we use and their proposes. There are, of course, the beautiful quilts that people use to adorn their beds and walls. Then there are those used to comfort us for years, worn and tattered on the edges from washing and love. There are blankets that I used on my bed as a child that was called a sheet blanket. Now that I am grown and know more about fabric it was a thin flannel that went under my bedspread but on top of the sheet for added warmth. There are blankets made of wool that are used in cars or on the back of recliners to help us with the cold. And what about the ones that children carry around until it is no longer appropriate for their age?
     Everyone needs a blanket. It is the one thing that can be used for comfort and warmth or for a poncho as used during the Civil War. So I guess that the cows in the field need a blanket also. Theirs just do not last as ours do. It is gone much to soon to become tattered and torn.

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  1. I love the picture you created with the cows laying with the snow covering them.. Your piece of writing leaves much to think about and consider re blankets; their purpose to protect, comfort.. there's a lot of symbolism that can be construed there. I really like it.