Sunday, March 24, 2013

Early morning

     Today we went to another train show. this one is in Dalton, Ohio. We have gone to this show for several years and always enjoy it. The crowd is a good one that the gentleman that puts the show on is so nice to us. He first asked us to come so he would have someone there with parts. So it is an early morning. We usually leave about 5 in the morning.
     I also enjoy this show because two of our sons go with us. They are so knowledgeable and it is just amazing how much they know about the little pieces for these toys. There are always people waiting to be waited on. I usually have to help with selling parts at this show also so I get to test my knowledge as well.
     When I was sitting in the car waiting to leave this morning our youngest son went in the house to get a travel mug with coffee. It made me think about how he is always on time to leave with us even when it is early in the morning and he has had people at his house that night for a party or been out late with co-workers the night before. Then we went and picked up our other son. And he runs on a different clock. I remember a time when he was in college and was going to meet us to go into Chicago for the day. When we got to the meeting place he was not there. I called him and he was not even up yet. We went without him. This was sad but he was never on time except at his birth when he was six weeks early. We will never let him forget that. Our other son prides himself with being on time. It is funny how they can all be so different. That is why I love each of them for different reasons. I never say that one is a favorite over the other. They each just have different gifts.
     I can't complain to much though. It is so much fun to have them help us with the train parts and I get to spend time with my boys once again. By the way, if you know of anyone that may need parts for their Lionel trains just let me know. I will ask one of the boys to find them for you.

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