Friday, March 15, 2013

End of the week

     I believe that most people are happy when their 'weekend' arrives. The reason I highlight weekend is because there are some people that work on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday like my daughter-in-law, who works three 12 hour shifts in the ER on my weekend. So her 'Friday' is on Sunday. So now I get back to my thoughts. This weekend I am attending a quilt show with some friends. This is a passion of mine so I am always excited at how others make artwork with fabric.
     I think this has been such a long week with many events even though I didn't have any evening activities other than Monday. But it is the first full week of school we have had since January. It is a little crazy and I feel bad for my husband that always points out that he works everyday. As I reflect on this week I have completed some important tasks, welcomed a new challenging student to our school, helped a boy realize that he can not take off his clothes at school, created a way for a student to be more focused (it is still in the early stages for this one), prepared a fishing basket for our school carnival this evening along with normal daily lessons and support. So the day tomorrow is a time to relax and enjoy my hobby.
     My title for this blog is about having boys and not being shocked by things that children do. Just so you know, I am still shocked about what some adults do, though. I mentioned that I helped a boy that thought it was ok to disrobe at school. I was called into a classroom because he was taking his clothes off. Only the student and two other adults were in there. One of the adults was a young student teacher. Well, I must say I think she was embarassed to see this little guy's privates right there in full view. No shock here. I just said to him to stand up and pull up his pants. I helped him with his shirt which was around his waist and told him that he may not take off his clothes at school. Not sure if it will happen again but I know that this young lady will not forget this experience. Remember, I have boys. Enjoy your weekend with whatever you are doing.

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