Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Favorite movies

     Several years ago we played the favorite game with my boys. What is your favorite color, food, movie, place to go eat, song, etc. I found it interesting that I could name almost of of theirs at the time but when I asked them to tell me about mine they were not so keen. I think this may be a difference between sons and daughters. Somehow I don't think they pay attention to the details but in my experience that is a character trait for most boys/men. 
     They didn't know that my favorite songs are Brandy and There Is a House In New Orleans and that my favorite movie is Pollyanna. I have always enjoyed musicals and when there is one on TV, I find myself drawn in. So tonight as I was perusing the channels I noticed that another favorite was playing. I first saw Oliver in Florida with my cousins in 1968. I was fascinated with the young boy's voice and Fagin's crafty personality. And so I have spent the evening watching it once more. I always see things that I did not see in the previous dozen viewings. I noticed that the paper boys were later dancing with another prop. I also saw that the men on the ladders did not all slide down at the same time. There was a man that was eating oysters in the half shell. I can watch this many more times and just enjoy it tremendously. There are others like Newsies or Mary Poppins.  I like the happy endings and the good feelings from watching something with singing and music. And now I'm reviewing this situation. Thanks for an enjoyable evening Oliver.

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