Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Inspiration from others

     We had a snow day today. Surprise! With 6 to 10 inches of snow all over the county it was a no brainer. But it did give me time to read some of the others that are slicing on twoteacherswriting. I read about someone having cows in their front yard because they didn't mow and the cows decided that was the best lawn in the neighborhood. Loved this story. It made me think about our yard and having to mow. And we have also had cows in our yard at times. 
     We moved into our farm house in 1977 as renters from a wonderful retired couple. They owned several farms in the area and lived in a house on the lake. As time went on they offered us the property for ownership. It is four acres with several structures other than the house. The house sits up on a hill and looks big from the road. My husband added on to it so each of our sons could have their own room and we could have a large family room. A side note is that is only has one bathroom. It is a very small bathroom and I just chuckle when I watch the makeover shows where they have to have something so large that the entire family could have a party.
     Back to my story. Part of the property, about half, is fenced off for pasture but the remainder around the house and barns are mowed. As the boys were growing up it was their job to do most of the mowing. We do not do any special things to the grass. Just mow! As they began to grow up, become busy and leave the house for other adventures my husband now had to mow all the time. I have to say that I tried to help at one time but he did not like the way I got the mower stuck on the hill by the drive. I thought I was in full control, but apparently not.
     It seems strange to me that Gary would complain about all of the work he has to do around the farm now with no help. What did he think was going to happen as the boys grew up? Stay home to help him? Return every weekend to cut down the trees or clean out the shop? 
     I love this house and will find it very difficult to leave here before I would die. This is the home where we raised our children. Where they come for tools they may need. Where we celebrate Christmas. Maybe we should just turn it all into pasture and bring back the sheep or cows to mow the grass. Minimalism.


  1. Oh, I'm glad you got a writing idea from my cows on the lawn! And your story made me think of that little house we owned next out in the country with lawn and pasture. My husband wouldn't let me mow the lawn either because he didn't like the "pattern" I mowed in! Congratulations for starting this writing journey!

  2. Oh the mowing... we only have an acre and it takes hours. I used to want a farm--lots of land. Now I realize I only want it if someone else can care for it and I just do the appreciating. I've been on the mower that didn't mow correctly--that's not a fun ride. You capture it well. I would love to have goats or cows or small versions of cows that would eat the grass and keep it neat, but I don't know that we actually have enough land for that. Now I need to see the cows on the lawn piece from Donna!

  3. Bring on the cows! Super proud of you and your blogging! I love reading your writing :)

  4. I always wanted a farm too, spent lots of time with relatives as I grew up & I love the outdoors. I just moved from the home where we raised our children, tough, but I have a great new place & it's in the city & close to my work, etc. A lot of work & a lot of pleasure too so far. Best to you in what you decide.