Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Make believe play

     I just had a brief visit with our grand daughter. She is two and a half years old and of course the cutest little girl in the world. When she comes over she likes to play on the IPAD and is able to find her favorites. She played some songs and sang along, which is one activity she loves to do with her microphone, and then watched a couple of favorite books. She also enjoys putting the puzzle pieces in place.
     One of her other activities is playing make believe with little Fisher Price people or a couple of cows that are in the toy box. My husband has picked up some plastic animals for the train layout and they are the perfect size for her to set up and talk to. Tonight she set one on the floor and backed up. She told it to walk to her and coaxed it on. Then she looked up and said "it's not coming." But she dismissed this and went on. She had seven of them lined up and was carrying on a verbal communication with them when daddy said it was time to go. She told them all good-bye and then piled them up like they were sleeping.
     I love this part of being a grandmother. Hearing them talk and play and growing up is the most wonderful thing. I have to say I was not prepared for the love of a grandchild. I have cried every time I hold one for the first time and tell them "welcome to my love." What a perk to having raised a family and now reaping the benefits. LOVE IT!!!!


  1. SO reassuring that she not hooked up to the iPad. That solo obsession is scary. But it is amazing what she is already able to do with it, right?

  2. I can't wait for grandkids...my husband and I used to joke about trying to figure out a way to go straight to grandkids. Of course, now that we are in the thick of parenting, we can't imagine ever wanting to miss this.