Tuesday, March 26, 2013


     Have I let you know that I love to sew? It is something I have done since I was a little girl. I always asked my mom to teach me. She made all of my clothes when I was little. In fact my first store bought dress was when I was in second grade by my grandfather. As I got older I loved the fact that I was not wearing what the other girls had on. So to sew my own clothes was wonderful. My mother was a full time secretary and with three older brothers time was limited for her to teach me so I learned the basics in 4-H. From there Mom was able to help me with some great projects including all of my bridesmaid's dresses.
     Now I sew quilts along with other fun items. I have not made any of my clothes for years. It is funny how my interests have changed. Or maybe it is because my body just doesn't fit right anymore. Or the fact that I can find clothes a lot cheaper than I can make them. I have designs for some special things but those have not fit into all of the other projects on my list at this time. I also do dome repairs for some friends and family. Blue jeans are always wearing out so I use my mother-in-law's machine to do these repairs.
     This brings me to my machines. It seems to be something that is turning into a collection. Now I don't have nearly as many as some people but I must say I do love the antique ones that are black and gold. I think my count is eight right now. One is a treadle machine that I bought years ago at an auction. (That is another hobby of mine which I try to avoid because I usually bring home something I don't need by would like to have.) I have tried to sew with it but just can't get the peddle to work right. Four of them have cabinets or tables with them and the others are stored in carrying cases. The great thing is that now I have my husband looking for them when we go into antique stores.
     My other thing about this sewing thing is that I get to shop for fabric. What fun. My favorite is Batik fabric. Bali is a country that is know for their production of Batik fabric. It is made with wax and dyes. The colors are beautiful. I also like the reproduction fabric of the Civil War Era. They are the colors of warmth. When I go shopping for fabric to the quilt shops with my friend we always tease each other about petting the fabric. Just love to look and feel it.
     I remember one day saying something to my son about going to a quilt retreat. He told me that Grandmas are quilters. I wasn't sure if he meant I was old like a grandma or that he didn't want me to old. I just smiled.

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