Friday, March 8, 2013

The fortune cookie

     The fortune inside of a fortune cookie seemed to me to be something like a prediction for your future. Gary and I go to a nice little Chinese restaurant in our hometown. They have a buffet that is pretty good and of course we are always given a fortune cookie with our bill. It is always fun to read the little slip of paper to see what they are telling us about the future. We usually laugh at the 'learn Chinese' word that is listed. Today mine was the word 'milk' and another time Gary's was 'fried chicken'. Of course you have to be able to understand how the letters are pronounced in Chinese to know how to say the word. Well, tonight Gary opened his cookie and there was no paper inside. We wondered if this was a bad omen. The waitress laughed and said she has been told that it is good luck but gave him two more in case he was worried. I brought them home in my purse so he could open them another day. I find it amusing that he wouldn't open them this evening in case the emptiness was for the good. I guess he didn't want to break the spell.


  1. I love traditions. There have been times when I have carried that little slip of fortune in my wallet.

  2. Do you eat cookie first, then read, or the opposite? I tend to eat half the cookie and then read the fortune.