Wednesday, March 20, 2013


     So I woke up in the middle of the night and remember that I didn't blog yesterday. Oh, now I blew my blog for a month but it is not the end of the world. But after that I thought of what I wanted to blog about. Trains! And not the type that run on the tracks and carry cargo or the ones that my family likes to play with. I am talking about the trains that run in your mind and turn your thoughts to the next thing, then the next thing and then to something else.
     This seems to be what happens in my dreams. My stories never seem to stay in a typical story line. They seem to move from one thing to another and at times they don't go together. I can usually remember my dreams in the morning but then soon forget them. But this is only one train that I experience.
    The other is much like the one exhibited on The Big Bang Theory by Dr. Sheldon Cooper. He goes from making science palatable to the masses to factual equations to the origin to the phrase train of thought then to trains. He then went from trains to jello and then back to trains. Have you ever found yourself going from one thought to another and ending up somewhere you didn't expect? I love it when my son and I would do this with my husband. We would start talking about something and just leave him with the original thought as we moved on to someone or something else. He would get so aggravated. I think it was because we didn't include him.
     Trains of thought are exactly what we need to use when students are planning or working together. One student starts the train and then others add to it. Much like the telephone game where they may not end up anywhere close to what they thought. The ideas and comments that are brought to the table only make them think about one more thing and then something else and on it goes.
     I like it when I have great trains!

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  1. Me, too. It's even better when they come together in a way that makes sense.

    Have you seen the "How do you like me now?" guy on Jimmy Fallon? You'd probably like him...

    Here is a transcript--you can probably find actual clips on YouTube or HULU.