Sunday, March 10, 2013

Who lived there?

     Today we traveled to Toledo, Ohio for a train show. We have a small business selling Lionel model train parts and we take our boxes and 6500+ parts on the road. It seems that the hobby of model trains has been a family activity that has kept us closer together in many ways. The shows are mostly in the winter months from October through March. I am pretty sure this is the fourth year for going to Toledo and the gentleman that puts on the show is so nice to us. It takes 8 tables for us to put our product out and he is generous with the tables and advertisement for us so we don't mind traveling the distance. Today we traveled on the new portion of the highway. It was 4 lane all the way and an easy drive.
     The area through Ohio is mostly farm land and very flat. We can see for miles in all directions. There are all shapes and sizes of farm houses along the way. We see similar homes on the two lane highways in Indiana as we go to relatives in Jasper and Tell City. 
     I often see these houses and many are quite old with no occupants for some years now. My mind then goes to thinking about what these houses were like when they were brand new. Who built them? Why were they built? Were they built to begin a farm life for a new family? Was it to begin a new community?  Were they built by the man to lived there or by someone hired to build it? Did the new family have a celebration and invite family and friends to see the new house? What color was it painted? So many questions about these people and their brand new home.
     I follow a blog of a designer and quilt artist. She collects sewing machines and is particularly fond of the antique treadles and hand crank machines. I find it interesting that she questions the owner of these machines much the same as I do the families of these houses. Unfortunately is both of these situations we may never know about these people. What they sewed on that machine and why they built that house.  

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